Restaurant Kitchen Design

Different Configurations of Restaurant Kitchen Design

restaurant supplyWorking tables in kitchens should have a stainless steel surface and should have cabinets for storing your cooking tools. By placing working tables in different layouts you are changing the whole configuration of your restaurant kitchen.

The four basic types of restaurant kitchen configuration include:

  • Assembly line configuration.
    This type makes the most sense for restaurants that do not have a lot of items on their menu. This is a good choice for fast-food restaurants, sandwich restaurants or pizzerias.
  • Ergonomic kitchen configuration.
    This has been customized for actions that happen in the restaurant for the fastest cooking.
  • Zone style configuration.
    With this style, work tables are put in particular areas with respect to what is needed to be done in the kitchen. Tables in these areas have appliances and equipment that is needed for the most effective performance of operations
  • Island style configuration.
    With this style, the kitchen tables are put similarly to the zone style configuration. The difference is that in the middle of the kitchen there is one main block. The center part will typically be used for cooking while the cleaning and cutting the food will be done on tables along the walls of the kitchen.